Chicago Portagers

About Our Team

Two consecutive decades of tremendous growth in lacrosse participation has developed a massive influx of high level talent throughout the Americas. First appearing in indigenous communities, codified lacrosse has traditionally been played outdoors in the U.S. while Canada long ago adapted the game into box lacrosse for competition on melted or covered hockey rinks. This indoor version has a smaller goal, fewer breaks in gameplay, is more physical, and requires quicker decision making, therefore rapidly developing skills that translate to improved field play as well. 

With growing infrastructure to support box lacrosse, we are excited to be building a new home for this lacrosse variation in Chicago. Our semi-professional team will compete against an expanding field of nearby midwest teams. This will be a place for collegiate and post-collegiate athletes to add to their game while being part of an exciting competition atmosphere. We know new and existing fans alike will be engrossed by this exciting game, so we will be playing in an arena that can support a crowd of spectators.

Our leadership team has years of experience in sports management and building organizations from the ground up. We are releasing details in stages and are excited to start with our team identity. Named after the hardy venturers paddling and portaging from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River through the old Chicago marshlands, we present to you the Chicago Portagers. Taking the floor for the first time this summer.